What is Lifevision?

Lifevision is a philosophy or a physiological cure that helps people to over come rejection that they have on a day to day basis. People experience rejection in their relationships, work, family, conflicts, not meeting your expectations, and depression.

Instead of allowing rejection ruin your life, Lifevision will give you the power to overcome rejection and cure your pain of rejection. You need to use the cure of Lifevision to give to strength to overcome all your rejection. Remember rejection is success. The more rejection you have in your life the more success you will experience.

Lifevision will become your kryptonite to overcome rejection and the pain of rejection you have experienced. Your mind will become a nuclear weapon to destroy rejection.

Lifevision is a 14 step process called “PEACE is GGREATFUN”. Each letter in both words represents a specific principal. This 14 step formula allows men and women to learn the formula how to resolve conflict and the formula to success.

Since men and women are born into a world where they clash over their feelings, views, ideas, philosophies, etc., on a daily basis, they need a formula to resolve problems between people. This formula is called “PEACE”.

Also, since men and women have the basic desire to improve their lives and to obtain success by overcoming rejection they must learn the formula on how to achieve this success. This principal is called “GGREAT FUN.”

Thus, Lifevision is a 14 step philosophy that are divided into 14 steps. The first 5 steps are called “PEACE” which teaches you the formula on how to resolve all conflict.

The next 9 steps, “GREAT FUN” teaches you the formula on how overcome rejection to achieve success in your life.

Lifevision or "PEACE is GGREAT FUN"

The 14 steps of "PEACE is GGREAT FUN"

PEACE- how to resolve conflict- each letter of PEACE represents a specific principal. The first 5 steps are as follows:

step 1 p = process
step 2 e =explanation of positions
step 3 a = acceptance of the process
step 4 c = compromise
step 5 e = containment of emotions

The next 9 steps are called GGREAT FUN- each letter of GGREAT FUN represents a specific principal which are as follows.

step 6 g = goals
step 7 g = you must consider yourself the greatest person
step 8 r =rejection
step 9 e = you must be easy on yourself
step 10 a = alternatives
step 11 t = bad habits can be tossed
step 12 f = you must focus on your goal
step 13 u = you can never give up
step 14 n = you must stay away from negative people

You can learn the 14 steps in Lifevision by reading the book LIFEVISION or using my firm to COACH you to the bullet proof vest to destroy rejection.